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Current Transformers

Company VIKODEK offers wide range of CTs with variety of parameters that will be suitable for most of industrial and household problems. In particular with us you can find devices with accuracy classes from 0.2 to 3. Prudent and clever customer when buying our products receive the whole range of advantages in comparison with using old-pattern equipment.  These products are simply necessary for:

  • provisioning of effective use of electric power in household and on an industrial scale;
  • protection of house from overpower as well as from voltage spikes in electrical supply networks;
  • provisioning of protection of electrical equipment from different type electrical damages;
  • raise of operating personnel security level at the enterprise.

CTs from manufacturer VIKODEK are:

  1. differentiated by low measurement error and high accuracy;
  2. manufactured on the principle of ring bus;
  3. working under primary current of 0,72 KV;
  4. made of fine copper;
  5. bearable to durable load;
  6. calibrated from overheating;
  7. fireproof (device case is made of fire-resistant plastic).

At our enterprise we follow closely international standards of quality. Before realization every job lot pass normative testing. Production does not go on the market if quality parameters diverge even 0.0001% from normative. Being dedicated towards high level of quality we do not overvalue prices for our products. The price of our products is fully proofed and even somewhat below the price for products of the same quality.

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