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Current transformers in our life: on the shopfloor and at home

In the present state of humankind development there is a big and growing reliance on electricity in industry, transportation as well as in household use. In the same manner of increase financial expenditures on energy products are growing as well. Looming electric energy efficiency problem can be resolved in two different ways:


Expansion in the number of electricity by building new power generating complexes of new large-size power stations (thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar). It is obvious that this is costly approach and it cannot be done within the scope of one or even several enterprises. To surplus this method leads to aggravating of ecological problems.


Optimization and enhancement of electricity usage without further harnessing of planet nonrenewable resources. That is to say, the priority in our efforts has to be put on raise of energy effectiveness rather than increasing the power stations' capacities. On the top of everything else this approach does not carry the potential to harm ecology, what is currently important nowadays.


It is well known that in order to be effectively transmitted from generating capacities electric energy have to pass the whole range of power lines before it can be safely used by enterprise or household and it pass several layers of high-voltage and low-voltage current transformers (for illustration please refer to fig.1).

 Fig. 1. Electrotransmission schematics “Power plant - to - consumer” 

Electrotransmission with current transformers Quality of the last chain in electrotransmission schema is of concern because it is the key element to effective work of all without distinction electro appliances on any enterprise. 


Another very important question is safety of people and working equipment from uncontrolled problems conditioned by the quality of electrical power supply. Failures, short circuits can quickly knock out of service even very up-to-date equipment. Despite high level of protection such equipment cannot incorporate and predict all unfavorable, force-majeure situations which can occur in operation. In order to minimize such kind of problems enterprises are installing and using special back-up protection (protection relay), which takes charge of condition of all elements of electricity network and respond to incident initiation and register usage of electricity. 


The integral and the most important part of such back-up protection are current transformers.


Measuring current transformer or simply current transformer – is a transformer which under normal working conditions has secondary current practically proportional to primary current. Because current transformers are broadly used for current measurement in protection relay of electricity networks there are severe requirements to their accuracy.

Current transformers provide high safety of current measurement and insulate target electric chains from primary chain with high voltage that often measure up to hundreds kilovolts. It is important to notice that such insulation substantially reduce probability of fault inception which means significant reduction of damage probability of all electric equipment from power failure and as a result lower financial losses on equipment maintenance.

Current transformers of SVT series from company VIKODEK can be effectively used for small objects of voltage distribution with maximum voltage up to 0.72 kV and nominal primary current up to 3000A. Standard nominal current of transformer’s secondary winding (so called secondary current) is 5A or 1A. Active parts of current transformers are set in standard cases made of high quality fire proof plastic which effectively prevent fire break-out. Current transformers’ construction is made in such a manner to be able to reduce impact of parasite eddy-currents that lead to temperature rise of transformers’ active elements which consume 3-5% of effective electric energy. This provides perceptible saving on big enterprises which consume energy bulk.

Company VIKODEK offers current transformers that are notable for:
• high quality level asserted by European standards compliance;
• high reliability of materials and safe exploration;
• stable operation and overtemperature protection;
• high accuracy (accuracy class is not changed during the whole period of exploitation);
• elimination the requirement for additional supervision (absence of operational losses);
• durable operating life;
• contemporary design and reduced weight in comparison to other current transformers;
• possibility of open use under temperatures from -20°C to + 45°C
• competitive price policy

Taking into account contemporary trends company VIKODEK produces wide range of current transformers with performance characteristics suitable for the most exacting buyers. Our transformers are well-proven in the European and world markets that is proven by cooperation with more than 50 companies. Amongst them there are:


1) Companies specialized on distribution of high quality industrial electrical equipment ;
2) Branches and subsidiaries of development companies which makes electrical installation of big industrial objects, trade and commercial centers, residential estate, separate houses etc;
3) Fuel and energy complex companies as the biggest electricity consumers, for whom energy economy, energy savings and energy effective usage questions make an important figure;
4) Companies and organizations that are specialized in efficient energy technologies and energy management in the domain of public transportation (subways, tramways).

On top of that company VIKODEK guaranty the absence of problems with transformers’ supply, short terms of production and high quality of orders execution as well as full service and consultation support for regular buyers during both exploitation and cooperation period.


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