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Current transformers: measuring (metering, instrument) CTs from EU

Electric energy is the most utilizable resource in current industry. Without electricity can not work even the smallest enterprise.


Nowadays electric power is primary produced by big power plants such as nuclear facilities, thermal and hydroelectric power stations. All these enterprises produce millions of kilowatts of energy per day. Transmission of this energy to the end user require high-voltage power lines. Electric machinery of any enterprise does not require and in most cases succumb under electricity of high voltage. This is why any enterprise install relay protection systems intended for constant control of operational conditions of the equipment, metering as well as equipment protection on an emergency basis. An integral part of any relay protection system and correspondingly an important part of modern electrification system are measuring current transformers (or just simply current transformers).

Main principle of work of current transformer is transformation (pulldown) of current to the value under which it is possible metering.

Current transformers are grounded and connected to low-voltage winding that is why they also provide isolation of relay metering equipment from high-tension circuit, securing work of people. Due to this current transformers are used even in cases when there is no necessity of voltage reduction.

Low-voltage current transformers together with high-voltage current transformers are very important elements of short-circuit protection therefore they are an important part of hardware security of any enterprise.

Measuring current transformer (Metering CT, Instrument CT) is operationally necessary up-to-date element of energy consumption of any enterprise because it serves for efficiency upgrading in measuring of electric energy usage and as a result minimization of financial expenditures for production, distribution and consumption of the energy as well as for definition of capacity requirements aiming optimization and prognosis of utilization of electric energy.


Because electric power metering and enterprise equipment operational security depends upon work of current transformers there are strict requirements to their quality.

Current transformers from manufacturer VIKODEK are:
1) differentiated by low measurement error and high accuracy; 
2) manufactured on the principle of ring bus; 
3) working under primary current of 0,72 KV;
4) made of fine copper;
5) bearable to durable load;
6) calibrated from overheating;
7) fireproof (device case is made of fire-resistant plastic).

At our enterprise we follow closely international standards of quality. Before realization every job lot pass normative testing. Production does not go on the market if quality parameters diverge even 0.0001% from normative.

Measuring current transformers manufactured by VIKODEK have high reputation on the market thanks to its:
• high quality,
• reliability,
• contemporary design.

Being dedicated towards high level of quality we do not overvalue prices for our products. Measuring current transformers VIKODEK price is fully proofed and even somewhat below the price for products of the same quality.

Nowadays large plants, factories, manufacturing facilities as well as trading companies of Central and Eastern Europe buy our current transformers for metering and protection. Among our clients are:

1) electrotechnical companies specialized in wholesale and retail trade of electric machinery, big specialized hypermarkets that sell industrial equipment as well as online-retailers that sell parts for industrial equipment;

2) electrical maintenance companies, contractors of real estate development companies. Businesses that are specialized in electrification of industrial workshop facilities, commercial complexes, residential estate;

3) development and construction companies that have their own electrification business units;

4) companies that are part of Fuel and Energy complex as the biggest electric power consumers: 
- companies of gas extraction, transportation, distribution and trade; 
- oil extraction, transportation, processing and trade industry;
- coal mines; 
- power producers – solar, wind, hydroelectric and thermal power stations;

5) Different manufactures of an industrial scale to whom energy saving is a priority task.

Company VIKODEK is specialized not only in manufacture of measuring current transformers that are low-maintenance and reliable on the go. Nomenclature of main current transformers types of our manufacture is represented in our current transformers catalogue. If you can not find current transformer that you need, please contact us and we surely contact you back and offer a solution as well as answer all your questions. When necessary our specialists can install purchased equipment at the facilities of your enterprise. We are open to cooperation, therefore please do not hesitate calling and writing us. Our current transformers are dispatched in all European countries. We are ready to answer all your question and will be glad to see you between customers of our company!


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