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Current transformers types: advantages of toroidal measuring CT

In the operation of power supply systems, it is often necessary to convert certain electrical quantities into similar analogs with proportionally scalable values.  It allows modeling of some processes in electricity-generating equipment and safely making current measurement. Such opportunity is provided by voltage and current transformers, that lower the index of  voltage or current strength,  which usually are so high, that the electric appliances and counters are simply destroyed.


Both types of current transformers work on the general physical principles of energy transformation but they have different design and ways of wiring connection. Main distinctive feature of construction of step-down current transformers from step-down voltage transformers is the larger number of turns of the secondary winding in comparison to the primary winding.


Such electric signal transducers are used for correct equipment operation in order to liquidate power spikes in electrical networks. Metering equipment ensure safety of not only the facility on which it is located but also people who works at or near the danger zone. Additionally current transformers allow standardize and systematize work of  electrical facilities within the company.


Schematically current and voltage transformers connection patterns to electric lines depicted below:


           current transformers connection patterns



There are several classifications of measuring current transformers by different criteria:


By type of value measured by transformer:

• direct-current transformers;

• alternating current transformers;

• voltage transformers.


By the number of indicators of electrical current transformations:

• multi-range transformers;

• single-range transformers.


By the material of insulating substance:

• dry;

• oil;

• gas-filled;


− By the way of installation of transformer's box:

• built-in or portable;

• indoor or outdoor mounted;

• attachable transformers.


Voltage transformers serve to connect voltmeters, as well as other equipment sensitive to electric potential. Measuring transformers are manufactured with output from 5 to several hundreds volts-amperes, with different values of main operational parameters depending on specific situation of usage.

Additionally current transformers can be divided into the following three categories:


Dry current transformers (Dry CTs) - it is primary winding transformers connected in series with conductor with passing current in electrical circuitry. The secondary current depends on current transformers' transformation ratio.


Toroidal current transformers (Toroidal CTs) do not have primary winding. Instead of the primary winding, current bearing line, which carry electrical current, passes it through special "window" or hole of the current transformer.  Some toroidal current transformers have "split core", which allow them to be open, operate and be closed without deenergizing the voltage of the circuit to which they are connected. Such type of current transformers is widely used for leakage protection of house wiring in both private housing and apartments in multi-storey buildings.


High-voltage oil transformers (gas-insulated). For current normalization such devices are using cable or bus transceiver of the main power circuit, their interval is equivalent of one winding turn of standard  dry transformer. They are all-insulated from high working current of the circuit and as usual connected by bolts to the loading system of the device. Also they can be disassemblable, built-in, optical etc.


It is worth mentioning that toroidal shape of current transformers has the whole range of advantages comparatively to other types of CT constructive solutions:

• small dimensions;

• High maximal range of working current from the size/signal correlation standpoint  ;

• simplicity of design;

• high self-cooling, which does not demand usage of any separate coolers, hence - no additional expenses;

• coil length can heavily vary, determining main operating parameters but dimensions are not changing pretty much.


All above mentioned aspects determine convenience, parsimony and easy of operation precisely this type of current transformers' design, which is confirmed by their dominant quantity at the marketplace.


Company VIKODEK is specialized at manufacturing of high-quality toroidal current transformers of new generation in compliance with contemporary quality standards, which secure optimal electrical equipment operating conditions for reasonable price.


Branching network of affiliated companies in Europe allow you easy placing orders for measuring CTs remotely and receive them to your office. We sell measuring current transformers wholesale only.


If you have a need to buy current transformers, please do not hesitate contacting our representative office in your country and our specialists will kindly answer all your questions and will advise you in regards to utilization of current transformers manufactured by VIKODEK.


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