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Low-Voltage Measuring Current Transformers

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Use of measuring current transformers

When using different electric power systems arise necessity in transformation of some electrical values into similar with proportionally scalable values.

Such operation allow reproducing a processes in electrical accessories, ensuring their safe consumption records. For successful realization of such a problem the most suitable equipment is measuring current transformer of outdoor installation.

When we need and have to use measuring current transformers (measuring CTs)?
Measuring (metering, instrument) CTs intended for measuring parameters limited by nominal current. Last value vary from 0.66 to 750 kV. Such current transformers are broadly used for different purposes:

• for separation low-voltage metering devices and relay from primary current in electrical grid, ensuring safety of electrical appliances during maintenance and diagnostics.
• by the instrumentality of current transformers a chain of relay protection get power. In case of short circuit or problems with electric equipment operation current transformer provide correct and timely activation of relay protection.
• CT are used for electric power metering by means of electrical energy meters.


In practice there are different models of measuring current transformers, both in compact electrical appliances with small device cases as well as in fully-featured power units with huge dimensions.


Calculation and selection of current transformer should be started from classification of present instruments at the marketplace. All current transformers first of all fall into two big categories depending on intended end-use:


• for measurement of electricity by electric counters;
• for electrical equipment overvoltage protection.


Those two categories of current transformers in their turn fall into subcategories, according to connection type:

• outdoor CTs - for open-air work;
• indoor CTs - for work in the building ;
• built-in CTs, that are used as built-in elements of electrical equipment;
• attachable CTs - for feedthrough insulator ;
• portable CTs - allow metering on the go.


All current transformers can have different transformation ration, that is obtained by the quantity of turns of primary or secondary winding. These devices can also be divided by the number of steps into one-stage and cascade CTs.


When looking at construction peculiarities, current transformers can have different type of insulation:

• dry, maid of porcelain or which have cast epoxy insulation;
• paper-oil;
• gas-filled;
• compound-filled instrument transformers.


Based at structural features CTs are divided into one-turn and multi-turn coil current transformers with cast (molded) insulation


To what pay attention when choosing current transformer for electric power metering, when connecting laboratory equipment or when applying them in relay protection scheme? First of all calculation and selection of current transformers should start from analysis of basic characteristics of the given device:

• nominal voltage of a system;
• nominal primary and secondary current;
• transformation ratio;
• accuracy class;
• structural features.


For example, the rated current of secondary winding for electric energy meters usually is 5A. However with the parameter of primary current we should be more careful. Almost everything in grid-connection depends on this parameter. Nominal current of primary winding is formed in accordance with transformation ratio. The last should be selected taking into account intended end-use. Commercial metering require high accuracy class - 0.5s, however technical metering accept accuracy class parameter - 1s. Current transformers with accuracy class in the range of 1 to 3 and more usually are exploited in protection relays. In the same time connection of high accuracy laboratory equipment require using of current transformers with accuracy class 0.2. When speaking about construction of current transformers it is necessary to take into account that, for example, for the counter with voltage of 18kV we can use one-phase or three-phase transformers. For higher voltage only one-phase configurations are applicable.


Company VIKODEK offer wide range of current transformers with variety of parameters that will be suitable for most of industrial and household problems. In particular with us you can find devices with accuracy classes from 0.2 to 3. Prudent and clever customer when buying our products receive the whole range of advantages in comparison with using old-pattern current transformers. These CTs are simply necessary for:

• provisioning of effective use of electric power in household and on an industrial scale;
• protection of house from overpower as well as from voltage spikes in electrical supply networks;
• provisioning of protection of electrical equipment from different type electrical damages;
• raise of operating personnel security level at the enterprise.


Besides of protective functions company VIKODEK provide substantial economic benefit. World practice shows that using of toroidal current transformers decrease the level of energy consumption at an annual average of 5%. It occurs just owing to one simple cause. Such device construction get less heat in comparison to the other constructive solutions, thus more electricity goes for accomplishment of effective work.


Highly trained professionals of the company will ensure montage and take care of warranty obligations as well as help selecting current transformer exactly for your case. So, please do not hesitate contacting us and we gladly answer all your inquiries. High quality and moderate price of our current transformers will surprise to the upside. If you are energy, construction company, transportation provider and buy current transformers wholesale, especially for you there are flexible conditions of cooperation. We also will be glad cooperating with trading companies and internet shops. We are ready to cooperation and open to any suggestions and proposals.

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