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Low-Voltage Measuring Current Transformers

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Our low-voltage measuring current transformers price depends on the volume you are planning to order. This is why we cannot give you standard pricing for every client. We guarantee you the lowest price for high quality measuring current transformers of our production.

We are very flexible in our price policy so if you provide a copy of your contract with the other instrument transformers manufacturer of the same quality we guarantee you better price.

Grace to our metrology laboratory we are able to produce measuring current transformers for metering and billing purposes of high quality and accuracy 0,2s and 0,5s and provide individual metrological check as well as test report for each current transformer. Sealable plastic cover over the secondary terminals allows protecting current transformer form unwanted access, obtaining in such a way high reliability in billing and minimum of losses.

Current transformers price may vary depending on type of current transformers, window type (hole size), availability at our stock, terms of delivery, quantity of ordered current transformers, standard or special current transformers parameters you need etc.

Before asking for quotation plese read the next information:

This will save your and our time while understanding what exactly you need.

1. Every size of current transformers we serially produce you can find in our filter at the top left-hand corner of our website.

2. When you have chosen all necessary parameters of needed current transformer such as PRIMARY CURRENT and/or SECONDARY CURRENT and/or ACCURACY CLASS and/or OUTPUT and/or HOLE SIZE and press SEARCH you will be able to see the detailed description of every CT with needed parameters including all sizes suitable for your order including even plastic case sizes.

3. So you can send us simply the link of measuring current transformer you need or even more simply just a product code, e.g.: 3002-5A available in every product description. By this link or product code we will be able quickly send you necessary quotation, send samples and start fruitful cooperation.


 Our low-voltage current transformers for billing purposes comply with most international standards to be used in EU, USA, Canada and all around the world.  


We are interested in selling current transformers wholesale to big consumers in the USA, Europe, Canada and worldwide. Our partners are energy distribution, electro-transportation, gas/oil extraction companies, as well as energy equipment wholesalers, turnkey suppliers, system integrators and engineering companies. We are open to cooperation with smaller companies through our regional representations in Europe. We are building our distribution network, so if you are interested representing our instrument transformers in your country, we are open to cooperation. With us you will find european quality measuring current transformers for moderate price.


Please do not hesitate contacting us and you will get a good deal for highest quality current transformers directly from European manufacturer Vikodek s.r.o. from Czech Republic.

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